True Art is an Illusion…

an illusion created by an imaginative artist.

“No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist,” said Oscar Wilde, one of the few writers who philosophized about art.

In fact, by drilling deep into what art is, Wilde has contributed more to art than many artists.

The most important point that emerges from this quote is that imagination and courage the two important characteristics that are common in artists who became great.

To clarify this further,

imagination isn’t just about visualizing and creating fantastical worlds or coming up with stuff that doesn’t exist. It’s also about seeing what is, differently.

And courage is all about putting one’s world-view out in the world, for the critics to chew and digest or bite and spit; for the viewers to like or dislike, love or hate.

Only when imagination and courage overflow under the influence of feelings that border on crazy, is a great artist born.

(Image: Fruit and Coffeepot by Henri Matisse)


  1. Probably a lot of truth in that. I’m not sure if the courage is putting one’s work out there, as chances are with the glut of uploads everywhere non-stop these days, it will simply be a blip in the radar and then disappear. However, I do think there is generally courage in manifesting one’s inner vision and sharing it, so I guess I agree with all your points. Vincent Van Gogh comes instantly to mind.


    1. Thank you for sharing your views.

      Work that’s truly unique does require the artist to be brave, because the work would arouse emotions and make people ask questions. Most of the glut is born neither of talent, nor of emotions – and hence, isn’t art. It’s born of the need to become a blip.

      Yes, Gogh comes to mind. He lived, maimed himself, and died for the sake of his unique expression.

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