The Power of Art

Arte Virtus – The Power of Art

Arte Virtus is an initiative to recognize art that is powerful. That speaks a language that’s timeless and has the capability to communicate across centuries and the power to move people by engaging their emotions.

One might ask, doesn’t all art do that and argue that all art is timeless and moves people – because that is what art is and should be.

Arguments aside, ask yourself,

  • When were you last moved when you looked at a painting?
  • When did it reach within you to wrench your heart so hard that you winced?
  • When did a work of art draw you into itself, made you feel calm, and reminded you of the embrace of your mother or lover, to bring a smile to your lips?

It’s true that we are all different and art that appeals to us is different – but the power of art lies in evoking and then churning emotions in our chests.

Arte Virtus is a voyage of art-discovery to find art that has the power to make us feel.