Exhibitions and Art-Shows in Delhi

Algomotion 1.0 a solo show of works by Ranjeet Anand was organized at the India Habitat Centre in Delhi. It brewed a lot of interest and found patrons for his art. It was fascinating to be there and be part of the show but that was only one part of the charm. The other part was being right at the art-heart of Delhi, where one met other artists and art-lovers. The exhibition put us right in the midst of the action, which I believe was dampened by the pandemic blues, and yet made the art-community feel all alive again.

Since then, Omicron has made the exhibitions come to a grinding halt once again. Yesterday, India added about 2,30,000 cases to it caseload – and the forecast is that the number is set to grow. While the art-community stays away from the shows, Arte Virtus believes that it’s time to reflect on the Indian art scene once again.

We will bring you are we believe in, and we promise that our shows will show you our heart.

On this blog, we will continue to review the Indian art scene and bravely venture to speak the truth about what is and isn’t art.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, and great New Year!

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