Paul Cezanne's Large Bathers

Arte Virtus – The Power of Art

The power of art is derived from the feelings it evokes, and such art can only be created by pouring feelings into it.

A work of art which didn’t begin in emotion is not art.

Paul Cezanne

Paul Cezanne, the Post-Impressionist French painter, who explored cubism through his paintings correctly places the origin of art in the emotions of an artist.

The Large Bathers by Paul Cezanne

Cezanne’s paintings of the bathers have been the subject of much discussion, mostly because its nudes emote and create a tension in the onlooker’s mind – a combination of a voyeuristic guilt that competes with the carefree happiness that the critics would say originated in the artist’s own childhood.

The painting evokes a range of emotions in us – building connections with memories of past, but it tells a story that began in emotions.

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