Does Talent Equal Art?

In visual arts, the talent to draw and paint is a tool to create art, but it isn’t the only thing that makes up art.

For the logician in you, here’s an analogy.

The talent to write well is a tool to write great stories, but it isn’t the only thing that goes into storytelling.

Unfortunately, what sounds so logical when we speak of writing, doesn’t sound equally logical for art. Does it?


Well, one of the reasons is that most of us are “taught” to write correctly at school. It is assumed that language skills are essential for survival and so each one of us learns to write reasonably well. But not all of us can write a novel that people would love to read, and we understand it. We don’t call everyone who has a good vocabulary or excellent Grammar, a writer.

But with Art it’s different.

If you can draw well, if you can copy an image, a face, a scene really well – you may be called an artist.

And you can be one by creating art, because you are an adept at using the required tools.

To create art, you must use your skill as a tool and create something that would tug at the heartstrings of those who look at it.

Image: St. Jerome by Micheangelo Caravaggio.

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